Online: High School 9th – 12th

Heritage Online Academy offers easy-to-follow curriculum and dedicated student-teacher
and student-parent interaction when your child needs help with academic questions.  

Parent-Assisted Online is 100% Parent-led, we will set up the parents as the teacher of their student(s). The parent will be responsible for answering all questions their student(s) have, and will also be required to do approximately (25%) of the grading, the system will grade the rest. The administration will monitor the parents and students to make sure our accreditation requirements are met.

Teacher Assisted Online is where we set up your student with our teacher(s). The student can send messages in the system to their teacher(s) for guidance through their school work, the teacher has up to 24 hours to answer the messages from your student. Our teachers will also do all the grading and monitor your student to help them succeed.

A Parent Portal will be set up for the parents that choose the Teacher Assisted Online so they can see how their student is doing.



We would love for you to do see how it works. We have a demo student account available for 11th Grade,

Before you click the link below, you will need to know the following:

  • Please use the following Username and Password
  • Example –  Username: Grade11     Password: Grade11
  • The username and password are case sensitive so make sure the “G” is capitalized.
  • This will open in a new window.




Step One – Choose and pay for your program below.
Step Two – After you have paid for your program, you will be redirected to fill out Student Application and Record Release Form
Step Three – We will contact you!


Each family will pay a $100 Family Fee for Orientation & Setup (This is included in all pricing below).

  • We offer additional saving with multiple student discounts. (Call For Rates)
  • After the “Due at Enrollment” tuition payment is made, the balance will be paid by recurring monthly credit or debit card until the total tuition amount is paid.