Kindergarten: Learning-to-Read

The curriculum we use at Heritage Home School Academy is called The School of Tomorrow. Our kindergarten curriculum is called the Learning-to-Read Program. It is a phonics based program that is designed to prepare the student to achieve in the areas of reading and spelling. Through this Learning-to-Read Program, the student will become acquainted with phonics through animals, songs and stories. This program will better equip the student to learn and associate letter sounds, alphabet sequence, and word relationships. 

 What does our curriculum look like?


For kindergarten your student will complete the following:

  • 12 Word Building Workbooks
  • 12 Animal Science Workbooks
  • 12 Bible Reading Workbooks
  • 3 Math Workbooks

Also included is a set of 

  • Tactile & Kinetic Cards
  • Individual ABC’s Flashcards
  • ABC’s Coloring Sheets
  • ABC’s Songs on CD – (Please Return)
  • ABC’s Daily Instructional Manuals I & II (Please Return)



Step One – Choose and pay for your program below.
Step Two – After you have paid for your program, you will be redirected to fill out Student Application and Record Release Form
Step Three – We will contact you!


Each family will pay a $100 Family Fee for Orientation & Setup (This is included in all pricing below).

  • After the “Due at Enrollment” tuition payment is made, the balance will be paid by recurring monthly credit or debit card until the total tuition amount is paid.
  • Shipping for your kindergarten curriculum of $18 quarterly, will be billed directly upon occurrence.

Each student will have 9 Monthly Tuition Payments after the initial Due at Enrollment payment. As each child’s tuition is paid, we will send curriculum on the first, third, fifth, and seventh payments of tuition.