You Deserve a 30 Day Free Trial

Change can be challenging, especially for a family who is considering homeschooling for the first time or they are looking for a new curriculum that will best serve their family’s needs.

One tool we provide to negate the challenge is a thirty-day risk-free trial of our online curriculum. The trial is the complete program. Nothing is held back. If your student is in third grade or higher they can have a full thirty-days to check out our online program with no strings attached. Are you not satisfied with how things are going? You can walk away. If you choose to enroll with us, all work completed counts towards finishing each class. 

We offer this free trial of our Christian homeschool curriculum for three key reasons.

First, we understand that it is an investment. Enrolling at any accredited private school is not free. We want your family to be certain that this is the right investment. When you have a full thirty days to invest in our curriculum, you can completely evaluate if this investment is right for you. It also allows you to begin the process of homeschooling your child while adjusting your budget for the long-term change.

Second, you can answer a very important question: Is homeschooling for our family? While statistically more and more families are turning to homeschooling, it is still not the right choice for every family. What the free trial we offer does is give you time to figure out if homeschooling is the right choice and if your child will respond positively to a learn at home environment. We fully understand that some don’t.

Finally, because we believe you should be able to test-drive curriculum to find out if it works with your student before they commit to it long term. You might already know that homeschooling is for you, but there are a lot of varieties of homeschool curriculum. While we believe the Ignitia platform provides a state-of-the-art learning environment for your student, we understand that it might not be for everyone.

Interested in trying out our thirty-day free trial? Call us toll-free at 877-532-7665.

At Heritage Home School Academy we desire to provide each family interested in Christian homeschooling with the tools they need for success without the frustrations and headache that comes from record keeping. All you need to focus on is educating your child at home and fulfilling your state’s requirements as a homeschool family.

Join us Second Semester

It is not just at the beginning of the school year that you can make a change. At Heritage Home School Academy we want you to have the opportunity to transfer to a Christian home school in the middle of the school year. It does not matter if you are in 1st grade or 12th grade, families should have freedom in their choice of education, and we do our best to make it simple.

First, you need to make sure that your student has finished the semester at his or her current school. This is very important for 9th-grade students and higher because they will have earned some credits for the half-semester that they just finished. When you enroll with us, our academic adviser can take that transcript and in turn very quickly set up students to continue their education, picking right up where they left off at the previous school.

The process for 8th grade and lower will take a bit longer because they will need to complete placement testing. Still, this is important because we will design their curriculum for the rest of the semester to fit their needs and not fit them into a mold that they don’t belong in. Education should not be like shoving a square peg into a round hole.

At Heritage Home School Academy students can do their placement testing online in a matter of a day or two. If you are interested in enrolling with us for the second semester, we can easily get your student set up to test during Christmas break so that they will be ready to go shortly after school resumes in January.

Once your student has finished their current semester, we can request the most up to date records from the school you are leaving, have them finish their placement testing, and then set them up with classes fit perfectly for them.

Our Bible-based, Christian homeschooling program is available for students of all ages starting at PreK through 12th grade, and we would love to serve your family through our talented staff of teachers, academic advisers, and customer service experts. Have any questions for us? You call call us toll free at 1-877-532-7665!


Whenever someone calls and asks for information about Heritage Home School Academy, one of the first things we will say is this. “We are a fully accredited Christian homeschool provider.”  We are proud of the fact that both our online and workbook programs are accredited, because of the benefits we can pass on to the families we serve.

Who are our accrediting agencies?

Our primary accrediting agency is through ACTS, which stands for the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools. We received our accreditation from them in February of 2017 and will continue to maintain that status through them moving forward. This accreditation covers our online curriculum for third through twelfth grade. This is a very robust uniform set of standards that not only impacts our online program, but also every other program we offer.Our secondary accrediting agency is through the National Association of Private Schools. Heritage Home School Academy has been accredited by this from January 1st, 2004 until now. This specifically covers our workbook program but is another robust set of standards that impact everything that we offer.

Why does accreditation matter?

Accreditation is incredibly important because it determines if an institution meets or exceeds minimum standards of quality. It also helps other institutions in determining whether to accept transfer credits. The final reason it matters is that it helps determine if the diploma issued by the institution meets rigorous educational standards.In other words, accreditation is the backbone of the rigor that impacts our academics and record keeping. Because of our accreditation, we can ensure that your student should have no problem transferring from us to another school, or going to the college of their choice when the time comes.

Providing Great Service

When it’s all said and done, the reason we take being accredited so seriously is that it is our desire to provide excellent customer service. Because of our academic rigor, your students get the Christian education they need at home and will have no problem moving on to the college of their choice. Yes, you can have a quality, home-based Christian education and all the other benefits that come with graduating from any other public or private school.

Our Bible-based, Christian homeschooling program is available for students of all ages starting at PreK through 12th grade, and we would love to serve your family through our talented staff of teachers, academic advisers, and customer service experts. Have any questions for us? You call call us toll free at 1-877-532-7665!

Is your child the exception to the rule?

Group Of Teenage Pupils Outside Classroom
Is  your child the exception to the rule?
They better be because the myth that continues to be pushed on us about education will inevitably fall apart at some point. The myth I refer to is that putting a child into a broken system of education with no moral foundation will prepare them to live in the “real” world. I have read this recently in four different articles. Two were touting the benefits of today’s public education system, and two were discouraging private, faith-based education and how our children would benefit less from being educated in a healthier environment because they would be sheltered and hence unprepared for the “real” world. Well, the good news is all of these articles do get one thing right: environment matters—in fact, it matters a lot. The problem is that the suggested connection in this position is flawed—fatally flawed. Why is it that when we look outside of this very narrow discussion, we see the exact opposite position taken? Here are a few examples: We know that children raised in abusive families are more likely to be abusive. We know that children raised in poverty are more likely to stay in poverty. We know that those raised around drugs, alcohol, gang influence, bad language, illegal behavior, sexual promiscuity, etc,—are all at higher risks of suffering the same in their lives. We even develop early intervention programs aimed at getting children out of these situations. We knowthat children raised in broken homes are more likely to struggle in relationships and have a myriad of issues. We all know this. But somehow miraculously, when we enter the school building, it is different. What works in every other part of life regarding how our surrounding environment and social constructs affect us, reverses and now has the opposite effect. It’s as if something as constant as gravity—just changes. I will be the first to say, we all know kids who grow up in terrible situations and turn out to be great individuals. But they are the exception to the rule. Growing up in more dysfunctional or unhealthy environments in no way consistently prepares anyone for functioning later in life in a broken world. Why is the myth constantly being repeated? It could be fear that if families realize the unhealthiness in the system that there will be a mass exodus. It could be fear that if things such as vouchers or tax breaks for private, faith-based education is approved, monies will dry up for the public system. It might all be political, or people just trying to keep their jobs, or others don’t want to have to make healthy changes in the system. Whatever the reason isn’t really the point. The point is that it is a myth and a very dangerous one. The environment in which our children are being educated is of utmost importance, but for different reasons. Our children, between the ages of six and eighteen, spend two-thirds of their lives, the overwhelming majority of their waking hours, in school and school-related activities. If we are going to weave the truth of God into our children’s lives and provide a solid moral foundation for dealing with a broken and difficult world, then we cannot ignore the environment in which much of their youth and young adult lives take place. If we want our children to have a moral foundation that goes well beyond memorizing character qualities, we have to acknowledge that the environment in which they are being educated academically has a significant effect on who they become. Interestingly, I have had the unique experience over the last three weeks to get inside views of local proms from teachers, parents, and most important—students. In all cases what stood out to all populations was the depravity. Alcohol, drugs, and blatant promiscuity were a key part of the narrative—before, during, and after prom. This is not to say that everyone was engaged in this, but enough very publicly were that there was a constant awareness to all involved at the event. Prom is a “snapshot” of the environment in which our children are being educated! School is not a time when we are to hope that our children will navigate a healthy path and steer clear of unhealthy things. It is a time when things will be “impressed” upon them. What they grow up and develop in—they will seek in life. A child raised in a healthy, morally grounded environment is consistently the most well equipped to handle the “real” world.
Keith McCurdy works with children, families, and individuals in the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas in hopes of helping to rebuild the American family. For more information and ideas, take a look at his website and blog at
This article originally appeared in The Renewanation Review® magazine. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted here by permission of Renewanation. For more information regarding Renewanation, visit

Routine, Routine, Routine

One of the greatest challenges that home schooling presents is the lack of schedule or routine. In public school setting the student’s day is guided by a series of class periods and bells or buzzers signaling it’s time to change the class. Whenever you’re home schooling this no longer exists, but a routine is still very important to seeing your students find success. Our recommendation is to start with a schedule and keep at the routine the schedule gives you. Maybe you have breakfast and start the tough classes first. Perhaps you get up and do some work outs before breakfast and the easy classes first. Is science or math after lunch? Either way, find a routine and stick with it! You’ll find greater success!


Proverbs 1:5 says, “Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance,”. At Heritage Home School Academy we are committed to giving you the tools to guide your student on the path of wisdom. It’s a big responsibility, and we’re here to help you do this successfully. Here’s the important thing to remember…always ask questions. Yes, you, the parent! One of the things we see the most of are parents who grow frustrated with their home schooling experience and want to give up. Our staff are here to answer your questions and give you ideas and feedback. Why? We want to guide you to success in home schooling your child! So, you guide your student and let us help guide you whenever you need it.