Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of homeschooling?

One of the biggest benefits is the constant embrace of family values and the importance of biblically based curriculum. Homeschooling, online or workbooks, also helps parents control learning distractions often found in public schools that dilute the basic elements of education.

Can I home educate my child if I am not a teacher?

Yes. Of the millions of families that home school, only a fraction have a teaching degree. Our online and workbook models provide easy-to-follow, flexible and concept-by-concept curriculum that effectively walk students, parents and other instructors through each grade. If you provide the structure and motivation, we’ll provide the award-winning curriculum and work together to help your child succeed.

Is Heritage Home School’s curriculum accredited and legal?

One of the most common questions presented to home school institutions is if it’s legal and accredited. ABSOLUTELY!  Registering with Heritage Home School Academy is like signing your child up for a private school only the school is in the privacy of your own home. We use only the most current Christian home school curriculum and the programs we use are continuously updating materials.

Is homeschooling affordable?

Workbooks and online home school programs are a very affordable and cost-effective way to get your child the education and personal attention they deserve. Please re-visit the Online Academy or our Workbook Program for a complete cost breakdown.

In what grade should my children begin homeschooling?

The earlier you begin homeschooling your children, the more you can influence their concept learning and value system. Our workbook program is available for children Pre-School age 3 through 12th grade. Our online academy is available for children 3rd through 12th grade.

When does the home school year start and how long are the school years?

Your child’s home school year can start at anytime of year and takes ten months to complete. The convenience of flexible hours, flexible starting dates and adjustable learning times is one of the many benefits to homeschooling.

How do I measure my child’s progress?

Your child’s success will be very apparent through their everyday interaction with you. In our workbook program we send out quarterly progress reports. These are based on the First Quarter being July-August-September, the Second Quarter will be October-November-December, the Third Quarter will be January-February-March, and the Fourth Quarter will be for April-May-June.

In the online academy parents can view their student’s grades and progress online at any time. In our workbooks program printed progress reports are provided as each quarter is completed and turn into us.

Can my child earn a high school diploma with home school education?

Yes! Our curriculum follows requirements set fourth by the Kansas Department of Education for the number of credit hours and covered curriculum so students can earn high school diplomas. Our program offers four diploma plans based on your child’s post-high school plans. Every student must take courses in math, science, English, social studies, physical education and elective choice courses.

If my child is home schooled, can they still attend college?

Many Colleges retain a primary commitment to excellence in undergraduate liberal arts programs with an emphasis on moral and ethical values.

Great attention will be paid to A.C.T. and S.A.T. test scores.