“Here are some things our home school families are saying about us!”

Tracy Strawberry –   My name is Tracy Strawberry, the wife of former Major League baseball player, Darryl Strawberry. I have home-schooled several teenagers, including my son, through the Heritage Home School Academy Curriculum. We love this program and the staff. We have a ministry that helps troubled teens and The Heritage Home School Academy is our curriculum of choice. We thank you all for your service and excellence!

Regina Hopkins Ball   My family has been with Heritage for 8 years and we LOVE the curriculum as well as the staff. We have 2 Seventh graders as well as a Third grader and they are thriving. The staff is always there to help with ANY problem that may arise. Enrolling our children with this school was not only the best choice we could have made but also a blessing. Thank you Heritage for all the years you have been part of our family and we are looking forward to the next 10 years.

Kina Perez –  I can’t say enough good things about Heritage. I have two girls, 8th and 4th grade. We use the teacher assisted program. For my oldest daughter – she is pretty much self-managed while I am still working with my younger daughter on basic learning and studying principles. Ms. Kelso is wonderful and always available when any of us have problems. We are free to do our work when and where we want.

Sheryl Newcomb Milligan –  We have used Heritage Home School since her 8th grade year. She is now in 10th and they are the best, we can’t be more please with them!! Thanks Heritage for always helping us.