Credit Recovery

Heritage Online Academy Credit Recovery Program is for students that need to recover lost credits.

Qualifications for credit recovery

  • Are you failing a course (semester or full year)
  • Have you missed a class due to illness
  • Have you been suspended or expelled
  • Are you behind in your credits
  • Need to retake a course to bring up GPA
  • Your school’s social environment is unacceptable
  • You are missing a class you need for college

We offer most standard courses for the student to take with our independent study, guided by our teachers. Each credit recovery course will need to be approved by the school they are attending.  You can also graduate through Heritage Online Academy. A Graduation Fee of $250.00 will apply after all credits are completed.

Subjects offered

Click the link below for a complete list of classes we offer for Credit Recovery.


Download Free:  Credit Recovery Course List

Cost for Credit Recovery is at follows:

1/2 Credit $225.00    (Includes Registration)
1 Credit $300.00    (Includes Registration)


Have questions? Give us a call toll Free (877) 532-7665.