Begin your home school journey

Become part of the home schooling movement by enrolling in traditional or online home school programs today. Take charge of your children’s educational success and begin improving their learning environment, instilling Christian family values and giving them a safe environment for learning. Heritage Home School makes it easy to become a traditional or online student. If your access to technology is limited, please contact our office toll free at 877-532-7665.

Step one – Fill out the Student Application Form. After you fill out the Application it will automatically redirect you to the Record Release Form.

 Student Application 

Step two – Choose your Program.

Online Program

Traditional-Workbook Program

Preschool Program

Step three – Pay for the program. (you can pay in full or make payments)

Step four – The student will be sent diagnostic testing (for grades 1st – 9th).

Step five – We will assess your child’s grade placement and test results

Step six – Your academic year starts today!

Refund Policy: If you decide Heritage Home School isn’t right for your student. With the Workbook Curriculum, return the unused curriculum within 30 days after it is shipped. You’ll receive 100 percent of the tuition back. With the Online Curriculum call us within 30 days and let us know that you are not continuing with us. You’ll receive 100 percent of tuition back.  Testing and registration fees are non-refundable.

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