Heritage Home School – Traditional Program

Choosing traditional home schooling gives parents the ability to affirm the values of the home and adjust curricula to each child’s learning needs. Heritage Home School’s traditional home school program is guided by the concept-by-concept learning method. Students master and fully understand each concept before moving on to another.

Heritage Home School is proud to use the finest Bible-based curriculum for grades K through 12 available.

Our kindergarten program, Learning-to-Read, a phonics-based program, equips children with a strong foundation for their coming years of education.

Traditional home schooling can start working for children at an early age.

Program Highlights

  • Kindergarten through 12th grade
  • Homeschooling with a Bible-based curriculum
  • Easy-to-follow, understandable and organized curricula workbooks
  • Includes Multiple Electives: Art, Music, Spanish, Accounting and more
  • Academic advisors work individually with every student
  • Students have 10 months to finish school year
  • Basic curricula: math, science, social studies, word building and language
  • General Diplomas
  • College Prep & Honors Diplomas
  • DVD’s & Books for optional electives
  • Nationally recognized and accredited with NAPS

Home School Curriculum Samples

Would you like to see what home schooling curriculum looks like? Download free samples below.

Download Free
Curriculum Samples
Curriculum Overview (2.11MB)
Download a sample High School diploma course of study.
Download Free
High School Diploma Course Requirements
High School Diploma Course Requirements (293.15KB)

Tuition for Heritage Home School programs

Each family will pay a $100 registration for Orientation & Setup per family that includes a free diagnostic test so your child and/or children can be placed at the right academic level. Each additional year, there will be a re-enrollment fee of only $50.

Grades 1-12 First Time Enrollment Tuition (no-interest payment programs)

Grades 1st – 12th

 Due at
 7 Monthly
 Payment Plan
Total Tuition

Enroll Here

 Paid In Full
Total Tuition

Enroll Here

 First child
$100 Registration Per Family
Includes Registration
 $115  $1095


 Second child  $175  $100  $875


 Additional children  $165  $90  $795


  • DVD’s & Books for optional electives may have rental fee
  • Shipping charges of $18 quarterly
  • Call for more Information (877) 532-7665
Kindergarten (Learning To Read) Tuition (no-interest payment programs)


Due at
 7 Monthly
Payment Plan
Total Tuition

Enroll Here

 Paid In Full
Total Tuition

Enroll Here

$100 Registration Per Family $290
Includes Registration
$85 $885


  • A Refundable $100 Manual Deposit will be charged
    – Get deposit back when manual is returned in usable condition
  • Shipping charges of $18 quarterly
  • Call if you have questions or need assistance (877) 532-7665